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The links to the albums below are for download or CD purchase from CDBaby, but they're also generally available from sites like Amazon, iTunes, SoundCloud and a number of quality terrestrial music stores.

Nervous World - Jim Gleason (2018)

Nervous World is another "digital mix tape" that spans a bunch of styles I find interesting. I've also added a few covers this time around by artists like The Band, Freddy King, Jude Cole, James Taylor and Mose Allison. A few of the recordings actually date back to around 1991, which I found while scrounging through some old tapes. Good times...

Blind On Blind - Hearing Eye Dog (2017)

Blind On Blind is a sort of a "digital mix tape" that spans a wide range of Americana styles, mostly because that's where the band lives after all these years. It's our college band, back together after all these years to write and record some new tunes.
  • "Too Many Words., Bob" takes an affectionate folk-rocky poke at a well-known songwriter.
  • "Please Tell Me You Love Me" is a hunk of pure British Invasion pop.
  • "I Had a Heart" is an alt-country lament complete with big harmonies and pedal steel.
  • "Diamond Doo" is a straight-up bar band rocker.
  • "The Last Bookstore" takes a nostalgic and folky look at our digital world -- "what's lost and what's gained."
  • "We Can Be Good" is a quirky and bluesy ode to civility and the importance of just being nice.

Last Fish Standing - Jim Gleason (2015)

My most recent solo album covers a wide range from rock to Americana to twangy country, but the unifying themes are lots of snappy guitar and clever wordplay. Think of it as a digital mixtape.

Deconstruction Ahead - Jim Gleason (2012)

My first solo album is an eclectic mix of original music ranging from rock and blues to Western swing and country, with a little gypsy jazz thrown in for good measure.

Tastes Like Chicken - Johnson Brothers Band (2000)

A really eclectic mix from my main band, the Jbros -- Lexington's Original Rock n' Roll Repertory Orchestra!

Live At Natasha's - The Bats (2012)

These girls have amazing tight vocal harmonies that will draw you in as they sing about life's incongruities and how to have some fun along the way. The band is solid, the music is engaging, and the lyrics are hysterical! I play stunt guitar.

Some Settling May Occur - The Bats (2008)

Recorded in 2010, it's rock 'n roll comedy/cabaret with occasional hormonal fluctuations. I play stunt guitar. BTW, my wife, the ridiculously talented Missy Johnson, is the founder and Alpha Bat.